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Easy Burning 2.03

Burns backup system filed on an optical disk
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Create quick backups of essential or important data and save them on physical disks without advanced virtual image creation. The suite works with disk types like CD and all regional DVDs. Writing specific folders and files is possible, burning speeds are selectable.

Easy Burning is a freeware CD burning application for Windows. The application looks really basic and the design really doesn't make it easy for the average user to know where things are located or how to operate the application. Some trial and error will be required. Other than the apparent design flaws, the application does an OK job at burning CDs. With support for "any CD burner" it promises to be a good application for the casual burn. You can also use this application to manage rewritable discs. Those need to be erased and rewritten to continuously. This application makes it easy to do that. There is a big button that says erase CD. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to get rid of your CDRW's contents in no time. The application does provide some useful information in the log window. And there are some options that you can modify to fit your burning needs. In short, if you are looking to burn CDs casually and need a freebie to do that, this application might just do that.

José Fernández
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